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Product Engineering Services

A complete product engineering service suite to help you develop efficient, customer-oriented services!

Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering Services

As market competition increases, and end-user demands evolve on an ongoing basis, we utilize our experience and domain knowledge to help businesses build outstanding, differentiated products that strengthen their competitive edge in a dynamic market. Get your products to market more quickly with our Software Product Development Services.

As one of the industry's best software product development company, we focus on cutting-edge innovations, employ rigorous systems and efficient workflows to enable phase-wise production for greater control and accessibility of products. With a strong portfolio of product development and a reputation as a leading software product engineering company, our focus is always on the customers and understanding their business goals.

As a renowned software product development company in India, we cover the entire spectrum of software product engineering from consultancy to production, testing and devops. We are recognized in the industry for providing reliable, efficient and scalable software product development service according to business specific needs.

  • Build outstanding products & hit the bulls-eye each time when it comes to leveraging new technologies.
  • Get the right technological solution tailored according to your needs.
  • Year's of experience and expertise for development platforms like .NET, Java, Node.js along with newer models such as Netflix stack, Serverless, and Microservices.
  • Best in class patient/physician Apps in either native or hybrid module (As required).
  • Complete SDLC coverage to help clients at all stages of the product roadmap and application development.
  • Accelerate business transformation through a smart, secure and connected experience across Enterprise Platforms, Consumer Solutions, Datacenter Technologies and the Internet of Things.
product engineering services

To ensure our clients success we concentrate on learning and quality improvement.We are here to support, if you need a world-class development team, product engineering services company , agile process establishment, fast go-to-market or an MVP launch.

Our Software Product Engineering suite

Equipped with over two decades of diverse industry experience and as one of the most recommended software product engineering companies in the market, , Trovend brings the technological skills needed to address complex problems and re-engineer products that meet.

Product Engineering Consulting

We can help you evaluate best-suited software solution, product architecture reviews, product upgrading options Evaluation,and new age tech consulting (IOT, Machine Learning).

Product/Platform Development Services

Conceptualization, planning, development , implementation and support – Strategic Planning, New Product Roadmap, Product development, Product Testing, Support & Maintenance are our all-inclusive service.

Product Testing Services

Use our expertise to perform in-depth testing such as Functional (Manual / Automated), Integration, Performance, Mobile App, Compatibility, Security and Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing before launching your product onto the market.

Product Maintenance Service:

We will assist you as end-to - end service provider at any point of product growth. Our services includes Technical Support, Cloud Deployment and Maintenance, DevOps, Production Support, and a Helpdesk based on Voice / Chat.

Technical Support & Helpdesk

We can help you with Bug Fixes, Software Updates, L1-L3 Support, Application Improvements, DevOps Support and Customer Helpdesk including Ticket Processing, Installation & Configuration Support, and Customer Requests & Issue Resolving.

Infrastructure Management

Our Infrastructure Management Services help to reduce downtime and improve productivity, while reducing total ownership costs (TCO). With cloud / on-site deployment, server & database support and maintenance & updates for Infra, we will help you.

Product Marketing Services

We offer comprehensive product marketing services including strategy, positioning, branding, product launch and promotions, as we have a deep understanding of the market and your product.

Supporting deployment & implementation

We help you deliver new technology to end users in product deployment & customer implementations. We also assist you with user behavior in pre-production stress testing & post delivery monitoring to ensure product performance.

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