What does “Trovend” mean?

Trovend, an amusing combination of two phenomenal words “Trove” meaning “a hub of valuable and delightful elements” and “Vend” meaning “a stall”, is an inspiring new generation word that we conceived to create the name of this company which offers services with a fusion of technology and innovative ideas

Trovend is an exquisite global consulting, outsourcing and techno-rich next generation service company, which efficiently initiates market aggregation and standardizes services, especially in disorganized sectors.

We support businesses with creative web applications, services, tools, mobile applications and relative services, by carefully blending sophisticated engineering techniques with elegant designs facilitating modern development.

With three exclusive and exuberant products – Van Uncle, CloudKard, IWRS etc., that have been captivating users with exceptional aids, Trovend stands out as a unique services firm with innovative offerings for its exclusive user flock.